Dig Zone Amumsement LLC
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Dig Zone is Big Fun For Little People

Maneuver gravel with a real hydraulic-powered scooper. It's the real thing, except scaled down for kids. Flashing lights and construction site sounds make it a sure win for anyone interested in heavy construction equipment.

Kids watching Dig Zone
Watching Dig Zone

Watching the Dig Zone is almost as much fun as operating it. Kids are mesmerized by the real construction equipment digging up gravel and dumping it in a big pile.

Father and son on Dig Zone
Dig Zone is Family Fun

The whole family will want a turn on Dig Zone. That's why we'll give you a free ride if you're planning on going. It's guaranteed that the adults will want to get in there and give it a go, too.

Hours of Operation
Lemos Farm

Half Moon Bay
Mon–Wed Closed
Thr–Fri 11:00–4:00
Sat–Sun 9:00–5:00

Digging is Fun!
Kids love to dig!

And what could be more fun than digging with a real hydraulic-powered digger?

What Kids Are Saying
This is a dream come true!
I did it! I did it!
That was the best thing here!
How cool is that? A little boy's dream.
We're gonna be workers!